Do Women Prefer Doggy Style Over Missionary?

From all the known positions known to man (and woman), the ultimate choice always comes down to these two particular styles: the doggy and the missionary. Most articles have definitive answers as to the absolute preference of the male species when it comes to these two. However, the more elusive conclusion is one that answers this age-old mystery – do women prefer doggy-style over missionary? Is it merely wishful thinking from the male perspective?

In order to answer that question as objectively as possible, it is important to note the advantages and disadvantages of both positions from the female perspective. These advantages and disadvantages must also be rooted in criteria deemed significant to the sexual pleasure of women.

There are countless articles and surveys claiming to ask women about their preferences when it comes to sex, with the focus being on their being able to reach orgasm during penetration. Studies and experiments, both academic and personal for some people, have been made to call out the differences in sensation, levels of intimacy, and effectiveness between the doggy style and missionary.

The missionary position, from the name itself, denotes a sense of martyrdom, usually seen as that of the man doing all the work while his partner lays prose on the sheets. Thus, its unpopular reputation among men. Women have debunked this particular concern when they reactively and instinctively thrust back against their partners, allowing for mutuality in the act. However, unlike men, some women have reported not being able to climax from this position especially without clitoral stimulation.


On the other hand, the doggy style offers a different angle of penetration that, more often than not, hits the sweet G-spot. The G-spot is a near mythical spot in a woman’s vagina that when stimulated at the right angle brings her to the highest peak of orgasm. Its near-mythical status owes to the long-running belief that men have the ultimate distress at trying to locate a woman’s G-spot.

This goes well with the male fascination of the butt, a visual accorded to them when engaging in doggy style. An underside to this otherwise magical combination is the tendency of men, as shared by some women, to react strongly with deeper thrusts that sometimes results to a raw sensation in their partners. Some would also say that this position makes their partners feel thicker inside them, although some would beg to differ.

When it comes to intimacy, however, there is little in the world of sexual intercourse that comes close to the physical and sexual intimacy accorded by face-to-face missionary style. This is one of the positions wherein sex becomes love-making.

Despite the unpromising prospect of gazing up into a partner grimacing and weighing down on them, women enjoy being able to lock eyes with their partners at the point of completion. Women enjoy being held by and holding on to their partner as desire consumes them both. There is also plenty of opportunity for touching and kissing in this position which makes it agreeable and preferable for women.

The doggy style, meanwhile, offers pure unadulterated sex. This position basically ensures immediate and powerful completion for both parties due to its angle of penetration and its limited allowable movements. It is a popular perception that couples prefer to finish in this position while missionary is reserved for getting the ball rolling.


There are women who climax with the missionary alone, while some are partial to more adventurous positions that enable them to reach the same orgasmic bliss. This all comes down to a woman’s anatomy, since G-spots (and other spots) are situated differently in every vagina, as well as her past experiences and personal predilections. Women have shared about developing an inclination for the missionary due to its simplicity and efficiency in getting the job done. There are others who share that simply knowing that their partners enjoy the doggy style has influenced their partiality for it.


Some women find it difficult to emotionally attach or detach their selves to or from their partners when they look into their eyes during intercourse. Some women reach their peak through physical stimulation over being emotionally intimate with their partners. Whichever is the case for each woman, it is important for them and their partners to understand their bodies and their own sexual desires. It is through this understanding that they will come to a better and more fulfilling sexual experience.

As they say, no boot fits all. No one answer can solve all questions. In this case, it all depends on the partnership between two people who respect each other’s desires and boundaries.

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