Sex positions for men with longer penis

sex positions

There are various facts about sex that most of the people are not aware of. Actually sex is completely about enjoying the intense pleasure by exploring various methods. The fact is that the intense pleasure can be enjoyed only trying different sexual activities and positions rather than doing the same set of things every time. Unless you try different techniques, you will not enjoy the complete pleasure that you are expecting for and the pleasure that you are enjoying with the same old techniques is normal. If you want to make it special then try different sex positions. If you’re looking for a partner use one of the many nude girls sites on the internet. They’re usually fully free to use and you can meet members to hookup. There are usually hundreds of members in any given areas.

Penis size

Basically penis differs in different sizes. Penis differs in size such as normal size, short and long size. For normal size there is no issue about enjoying the pleasure as the person can enjoy the fullest pleasure anytime by trying different sex position as they wish but for the men with short penis and long penis they have to try some sex positions accordingly otherwise they will not be able to enjoy the intense pleasure. In order to have mind blowing sex it is best to try different positions so that it will be more than expected. Here we see the sex positions for men with long penis.

Flying V

Usually those with long size penis would find it difficult to enter her so they will miss the pleasure hence such people has to try the position that fits for them with no hassles. Flying V position is the top most position that suits for the people with long penis. This is easy if you arrange it perfectly. You have to kneel down and her hip level to be raised so that it reaches little lower than your hip level. For this you can use stack of pillows or any other things so that she can rest her back on it and will be able to yield to you with her legs spread in V shape. In this position you can enter her without any difficulties if you bring her to your level.

Cherry on top

Come on!!! I know you love the name of this position but if you try this position you will find it most enjoyable. Many couples love this as this position is different in which he pounds from her back. You have to make sure that you rest on your back and she should rest on her back on you. In this position you can enter powerfully from her behind and the best part is you can play with her clitoris with your fingers. Due to this she will enjoy incredible pleasure and you will have most enjoyable penetration as she moans for your strokes and clitoris massage. Entering her in along with clitoris massage will be something beyond words for her. Try this!!!

Stand and deliver

Wow!!! This is such an amazing position for the men with long penis. Both of you have to stand and she will have to wrap one of her legs around your waist. As you hold her leg, you start entering her in and that’s it, now the play is yours, you can go in as much as you want. In this position both of you can have eye contact and enjoy seeing each other enjoying the pleasure. The strokes can be given by any of you because you can enter in and she can also pound. Gives strong grip, perfect strokes, eye contact, kisses and what not the boob press and squeezes also. Take this in your way and enjoy the core pleasure.

Thigh high

Thigh High is most suitable position for the person with long penis. In this position, she will rest on you as you are in a sitting position. She will sit on your things facing you spreading her thighs on you. Many couples like this position as it is an intimate position that each other could see closely and can feel the pleasure together. As she sits on your thighs, she can kiss you from top and you can enjoy her kisses as you penetrate her with your strokes. Moreover you can eat and lick her boobs in this position and surely it will be a feast for both of you.

Do Women Prefer Doggy Style Over Missionary?

From all the known positions known to man (and woman), the ultimate choice always comes down to these two particular styles: the doggy and the missionary. Most articles have definitive answers as to the absolute preference of the male species when it comes to these two. However, the more elusive conclusion is one that answers this age-old mystery – do women prefer doggy-style over missionary? Is it merely wishful thinking from the male perspective?

In order to answer that question as objectively as possible, it is important to note the advantages and disadvantages of both positions from the female perspective. These advantages and disadvantages must also be rooted in criteria deemed significant to the sexual pleasure of women.

There are countless articles and surveys claiming to ask women about their preferences when it comes to sex, with the focus being on their being able to reach orgasm during penetration. Studies and experiments, both academic and personal for some people, have been made to call out the differences in sensation, levels of intimacy, and effectiveness between the doggy style and missionary.

The missionary position, from the name itself, denotes a sense of martyrdom, usually seen as that of the man doing all the work while his partner lays prose on the sheets. Thus, its unpopular reputation among men. Women have debunked this particular concern when they reactively and instinctively thrust back against their partners, allowing for mutuality in the act. However, unlike men, some women have reported not being able to climax from this position especially without clitoral stimulation.


On the other hand, the doggy style offers a different angle of penetration that, more often than not, hits the sweet G-spot. The G-spot is a near mythical spot in a woman’s vagina that when stimulated at the right angle brings her to the highest peak of orgasm. Its near-mythical status owes to the long-running belief that men have the ultimate distress at trying to locate a woman’s G-spot.

This goes well with the male fascination of the butt, a visual accorded to them when engaging in doggy style. An underside to this otherwise magical combination is the tendency of men, as shared by some women, to react strongly with deeper thrusts that sometimes results to a raw sensation in their partners. Some would also say that this position makes their partners feel thicker inside them, although some would beg to differ.

When it comes to intimacy, however, there is little in the world of sexual intercourse that comes close to the physical and sexual intimacy accorded by face-to-face missionary style. This is one of the positions wherein sex becomes love-making.

Despite the unpromising prospect of gazing up into a partner grimacing and weighing down on them, women enjoy being able to lock eyes with their partners at the point of completion. Women enjoy being held by and holding on to their partner as desire consumes them both. There is also plenty of opportunity for touching and kissing in this position which makes it agreeable and preferable for women.

The doggy style, meanwhile, offers pure unadulterated sex. This position basically ensures immediate and powerful completion for both parties due to its angle of penetration and its limited allowable movements. It is a popular perception that couples prefer to finish in this position while missionary is reserved for getting the ball rolling.


There are women who climax with the missionary alone, while some are partial to more adventurous positions that enable them to reach the same orgasmic bliss. This all comes down to a woman’s anatomy, since G-spots (and other spots) are situated differently in every vagina, as well as her past experiences and personal predilections. Women have shared about developing an inclination for the missionary due to its simplicity and efficiency in getting the job done. There are others who share that simply knowing that their partners enjoy the doggy style has influenced their partiality for it.


Some women find it difficult to emotionally attach or detach their selves to or from their partners when they look into their eyes during intercourse. Some women reach their peak through physical stimulation over being emotionally intimate with their partners. Whichever is the case for each woman, it is important for them and their partners to understand their bodies and their own sexual desires. It is through this understanding that they will come to a better and more fulfilling sexual experience.

As they say, no boot fits all. No one answer can solve all questions. In this case, it all depends on the partnership between two people who respect each other’s desires and boundaries.

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Be aware of extraordinary benefits for users of dildos and vibrators

dildo use

The most successful brands of sex toys and love dolls these days give 100% sexual pleasure for all users. Many women in our time wish to buy and use the first-class vibrators and dildos designed for sexually satisfying users on their own. If they know about Dildos vs vibrators in detail, then they can make a good decision and successfully buy an ideal sex toy online without delay.

It is the right time to know about dildos at first. A dildo is a penis shaped sex toy and designed to support women who have a crush on the masturbation and other categories of sexual activities. Even though a dildo does not vibrate, every user of the dildo gets sexual satisfaction as per their interests about the masturbation. In general, a dildo works like a real penis and recommended for women who expect a lot on repeated penetration. All users of the dildo get sexual satisfaction from the friction from the dildo when they let it inside their sexual organ.

Classic dildos support users who like to explore their G-spot on their own or with a sex partner. If you have geared up for identifying the pleasure points in your sexual organ, then you can use the G-spot dildo instead of a vibrator. Many women in recent times wish to have a perfect anal penetration. However, many men do not wish to engage in the anal penetration.

There is no need for a woman to make any compromise on their interests towards the anal penetration. This is because women can use the dildo with the flared base for the most enjoyable anal penetration. You may expect extra simulation while using the dildo. You can purchase and use the dildo with the removable bullet vibrator. The double-ended dildos are recommended for women who wish to have vaginal and anal penetration at the same time.

You can improve your proficiency about Dildos vs vibrators when you listen to overall features and functions of these two sex toys. Dildos are available in various sizes, shapes and colours. These sex toys are made of metal, pyrex, rubber and other materials. There is no need to use any battery for operating the dildo every time. Vibrators have more favourable features than dildos.

Users of the best vibrator get 100% sexual satisfaction from the vibrating sensation. They cannot get such special vibration on pleasure points when they use their fingers, dildos or sexual organ of their partner. They get the most expected clit stimulation soon after they have begun using the vibrator without any difficultly. They arouse their G-spot or P-spot almost immediately by the special design of the vibrator. They understand the role of the battery in the vibrator behind the efficient use of this sex toy. They can also use the vibrator without a battery as a dildo.

Many women these days do not like to use an outdated design of the dildo. This is because they get tired arms while using the dildo for more than a few hours to get sexual satisfaction on their own. If they are horny and unable to get sexual fun with a man, then they can avoid using the dildo. They can use the vibrator and get more than expected sexual pleasure almost immediately.

If women have focused on overall features of the vibrator, then they can make a good decision and buy an appropriate vibrator on time without any difficulty. They will get loads of favourable things when they get the most expected girth and length of the vibrator used to thrust as hard as possible. The first-class range of remarkable functions in advanced vibrators make the masturbation of women as fun as possible.

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Why is Asian porn censored?

Pornography viewers know the difference between American and Asian pornography: the censorship rules are far stricter on the latter. Asian porn uses mosaic images to blur the sensitive or obscene parts of pornographic content. While there are other uncensored Asian porn contents out in the market, those are most likely illegally sold and reproduced.

There are several reasons why Asian porn is censored; most of it is predicated on Asian values and the government’s action to maintain them. As such, this article will give an explanation to various reasons why Asian porn is censored.

Injurious to the Morals

Japan is the most progressive country when it comes to censoring pornography. There is a vast history of how and why censorship in pornography occurred in Japan and it dates back to the Meiji era. Until today, pornography is considered injurious to the morals of the people of Japan.

Porn and Rape

Article 175 of the Japanese Criminal Code prohibits the distribution of obscene materials to the public. The Japanese government believes that pornographic content disrupts the social harmony in the community due to the link of pornography to rape crimes.

However, this does not hold true in America. In fact, researchers found no conclusive evidence that directly relates porn and rape crimes.

The NEVA seal

In the Japanese government’s attempt to curb the rise of obscene pornographic materials, they tasked moviemakers to do appropriate censorship of unacceptable content before approving their materials with the Nihon Ethics of Video Association seal or NEVA seal.

Protecting children’s minds

It is a common notion that pornography corrupts the minds of children. With the access to pornographic content in one click, children are more exposed to illicit content now more than ever. Censorship ensures that these forbidden contents are filtered to protect the children from moral corruption.

Preserving adult freedom

In line with the previous, censorship in Asian pornography ensures that adult freedom is not disrupted. They are still free to view pornographic content, but with appropriate censorship. Many Asian consumers have learned to live with censored pornography; however, some are still getting out of their way to remove the mosaic blur.

In fact, people had to invent a gadget that capably erases or reverses the mosaic blur in pornography. Since uncensored pornography is a hit to avid consumers at the time, it became an underground business.

Societal ill, not harmless pleasure

Most people would contend that pornographic consumption is harmless pleasure and does not relate to corruption of morals or crime. However, this way of thinking has met significant opposition from conservatives, saying that pornography is a societal illness and must be removed before it corrupts the minds of the citizen. They believe that pornography validates rape and illicit sexual activities.

Difference between indecent and obscene

Contrary to the conservatives’ suggestion, getting rid of porn does not prove to be the wisest course of action for the government. Social scientists believe that porn actually has social value. Specifically, the indecent content in pornography can be used as an example of unacceptable morals. Secondly, banning pornography will incite accumulation of sexual energy of potential perpetrators and could even aggravate rape crimes. Lastly, pornography, despite public uproar, is a sign of democracy.

Distorted image of love

Religious conservatives also believe that pornography represents and spreads a distorted image of love that is predicated on lust and carnal activities. In the spirit of maintaining the purity, they believe that society must do away with pornography to avoid the spread of this malicious understanding of love.

Sex as dirty and sinful

Similarly, they believe that sex in itself is dirty and sinful. Talks of sex are met with hesitation and disdain, which is the primary reason why talks about pornography are uncomfortable and unsettling. Since many Asian countries are known for their religious beliefs, laws espousing liberal-mindedness when it comes to pornography still have a long way to go.

Aggressive reactions towards porn

If any Asian country proves to be on par with Japan when it comes to battling pornography, it is Korea. Recently, Korea’s Prime Minister’s Office ordered internet service providers to makes pornography unavailable in their service as a response to the recent rise of rape cases involving perpetrator’s prior consumption of pornography before committing the crime.

Uniquely Asian

With the rise of computer technology, it has become relatively easier to remove the censored parts and sections in Asian porn. Surprisingly, however, many Asians have gotten used to censored porn due to many years of consumption that they find it hard to view uncensored ones. They believe that censored Asian porn is what makes it uniquely Asian. You can also find uncensored Asian sex through dating sites. This will bring you real Asian porn and Asian pussy right into your face for real action. These sites are free and have positive feedback so you should check it out.